We are your solution for long, wide and heavy transports.


No challenge is too great for YBER!

We at YBER have for several years worked with special transport escorts. We have at the moment seven own vägtransportledare-cars based in Oskarshamn, Nyköping and Båstad. We have a good network of contacts and partners to use when extra escort cars is needed All of our drivers have a background in transport / special transport and then have a good understanding of how you want the escorts to be performed. Our strong contact network in the Nordic region means that we can offer cost-effective solutions regardless of what applies.


We conduct consulting activities within GIS and IT

Long, wide and heavy transports sometimes require a vägtransportledare or warning car, we have properly trained staff around Sweden.

Are you looking for vehicle lighting? Then you have almost ended up right. At www.yberbelysning.se you will find a well-proven lights, we also offer a low price guarantee!

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